Dialysis Technician

Dialysis is the process where blood from the human body is transferred to a dialysis machine via tube for purification then again transfused in the human body by a trained Dialysis Technician.

1. Sets up and operates hemodialysis machine to provide dialysis treatment for patients with kidney failure: Attaches dialyzer and tubing to machine to assemble for use.

2. Mixes dialysate, according to formula.

3. Primes dialyzer with saline or heparinized solution to prepare machine for use.

4. Transports patient to dialysis room and positions patient on lounge chair at hemodialysis machine.

5. Takes and records patient's predialysis weight, temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiration rate.

6. Explains dialysis procedure and operation of hemodialysis machine to patient before treatment to allay anxieties.

7. Cleans area of access, using antiseptic solution.

8. Connects hemodialysis machine to access in patient's forearm or catheter site to start blood circulating through dialyzer.

9. Inspects equipment settings, including pressures, conductivity, and temperature to ensure conformance to safety standards.

10. Starts blood flow pump at prescribed rate.

11. Inspects venous and arterial pressures as registered on equipment to ensure pressures are within established limits.

12. Calculates fluid removal or replacement to be achieved during dialysis procedure.

13. Monitors patient for adverse reaction and hemodialysis machine for malfunction.

14. Takes and records patient's postdialysis weight, temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiration rate.

15. May fabricate parts, such as cannulas, tubing, catheters, connectors, and fittings, using handtools.

Duration: 1 Year

Qualification: Passed 12 examination or 10th passed (minimum 60% marks).

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