Optometry Technician

Optical technicians have limited contact with patients and customers while working in clean and well-maintained laboratories. It is a typical 40-hour work week position, although part-time openings are available in certain circumstances. Optical lab technicians must wear safety equipment at all times, including masks, gloves, and goggles. The tools used in this position can be dangerous, so workplace safety is a priority.

Job Duties
After receiving orders from optometrists and opticians, optical lab technicians cut, polish, and grind lenses for prescription glasses, or create prescription contact lenses. In some cases, an optical lab technician may create lenses for products like binoculars, microscopes, or telescopes. This position relies on computer equipment and automated tools to make the lenses. The final product is always examined by an optical lab technician before it is sent off to the customer.

Duration: 1 Year

Qualification: Passed 12 examination or 10th passed (minimum 60% marks) .

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