Modern Science has made tremendous progress in last some years specially in Medical science which is now more result oriented with the help of advance Diagnostic Techniques. It is estimated that the country's population will be approx 150 crores in 2050 and the average age of a person is 75 yrs in year 2025. Now a days with the help of latest diagnostic techniques it is easy to eradicate, control and prevention of serious diseases, organ transplants, micro surgeries etc. Even then time to time progress in Diagnostic technologies, treatment Procedure is must. Paramedical Science has a very vital role in the whole scenario. Specially in the field of Medicine and rapid growth. Today specialist are hundred percent dependent on the results of various lab tests, X- ray, ECG, ultra Sound, CT Scan etc. With the help of these tests the treatment of consultant Physician is more successful.

Due to growing demand there is an acute shortage of qualified and trained technicians. According to latest survey India is having the shortage of 1 million Paramedics in India, nurses with the demand and the awareness more hospitals/nursing homes are coming especially in rural area with the attached laboratories, H-rays machines and other equipments. Govt. Institutions have few strength of paramedical staff which is unable to cater to even govt. hospitals, PHC's etc. To create the awareness in the youth and growing demand in Govt. /Private sector Shivalik Institute of Paramedical Technology, Manimajra, Chandigarh has decided to start the paramedical courses specially for unemployed youth of rural area and specially for poor and handicapped persons.